In 1994, Nissan was the first Japanese carmaker to establish regional headquarters in the Middle East, when it set up an office in Dubai under the name "Nissan Middle East FZE".

Today, Nissan Middle East operations spans over the Gulf and Levant region.


Nissan’s strong presence in the Middle East dates back to 1957 when the gulf countries were just beginning to reap the benefits of oil production. Given the challenging transport infrastructure at the time, the Nissan Patrol was imported to the region and became the preferred transportation mode of choice. This helped establish the brand’s presence in the region and the 4wd is still a consumer favorite till date.

Nissan Middle East, offers a comprehensive line-up of models ranging from LCV, SUVs to Passenger Cars.

Today what makes us not only relevant but leaders in the supply of vehicles to the business arena, is the safe, unique and innovative automotive products and services we provide. Nissan delivers superior, measurable value to all our stakeholders, values we will continue to deliver to both corporates and individuals, well into the future.

What drives us today, is our commitment to bold vehicle design and innovative technology that results in high-quality vehicles that meet the unique needs of our customer base.


Nissan fleet caters to all, from small-scale business owners to large corporate organizations and can offer tailored solutions. Contact one of our fleet professionals to find out more.