Nissan Engages 13th Regional Intellectual Property Crime Conference
  • Taking proactive steps against counterfeit spare parts, Nissan showcased its efforts with interactive sessions and activations

Dubai, UAE (14 March 2024) – As part of its ongoing commitment to combatting counterfeit spare parts, Nissan actively engaged in the 13th Regional Intellectual Property Crime Conference for the MENA region. Held in February in Dubai, the conference brought together experts and stakeholders from various domains, including top officials from Dubai Police, Ministry of Economy, and GCC Customs to address the pressing issue of counterfeit products in the region.

Curated under the theme 'Unlocking the Future’, the conference included an engaging session led by Bilal Jabak, Aftersales Director at Nissan Middle East. The session shed light on Nissan’s latest “Keep Asking Why” campaign to spread awareness of the dangers of counterfeit spare parts and strengthen relationships with several governmental entities and key officials.

Nissan’s “Keep Asking Why” campaign aims to redefine the narrative surrounding counterfeit parts awareness through a blend of humor and innovation. Supported by Dubai Police, the campaign has evolved into an interactive movement, urging individuals to become their own safety detectives and actively question the authenticity of spare parts.

Thierry Sabbagh, President, Nissan Saudi Arabia, INFINITI Middle East and Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said, “Nissan’s participation at the Regional Intellectual Property Crime Conference highlights our unwavering commitment to fostering robust public-private partnerships aimed at combatting counterfeit spare parts in the region. Through collaborative efforts and educational workshops, we strive to empower consumers and law enforcement agencies to mitigate the risks associated with counterfeit parts. At Nissan, we recognize that safeguarding intellectual property rights requires a joint effort between the public and private sectors. This shared responsibility is crucial for ensuring the integrity and longevity of our vehicles, thereby upholding our pledge to deliver quality, reliability, and safety to our customers.”

Attendees were also treated to an interactive experience, with Nissan's 'Real or Cake' activation, which challenged participants to distinguish between Nissan Genuine Spare Parts and meticulously crafted cake replicas. This engaging activity garnered significant attention and underscored Nissan's commitment to innovative approaches in increasing awareness of counterfeit products.

In addition to its proactive engagement at the 13th Regional Intellectual Property Crime Conference in Dubai, Nissan has been relentless in its efforts to combat counterfeit spare parts in the automotive industry. Conducting its thirteenth workshop in the GCC since the beginning of the 2023 fiscal year in April 2023, Nissan further reinforced its commitment to this cause. This is underscored by collaborative efforts with relevant authorities and the execution of strategic raids, resulting in the seizure of more than 230,000 counterfeit spare parts in the past three months alone.

Nissan’s aftersales product portfolio in the Middle East includes over three million spare parts, ensuring the availability of genuine components such as Nissan Genuine Oil and Nissan Genuine Accessories. Additionally, over 500 Value Advantage® parts offer Nissan-validated performance and quality at a more affordable price. With a network comprising eight certified distributors and over 100 branches across the region, Nissan's aftersales centers provide customers with repair warranty, technical expertise, and on-time service, among other advantages.

In the event that customers encounter counterfeit spare parts or wish to confirm the authenticity of a product, Nissan encourages them to reach out to its regional call center at +971 600 54 6655 or via email at Through these efforts, Nissan remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering quality, reliability, and safety to its customers while combating counterfeit spare parts in the automotive industry.

Nissan Engages 13th Regional Intellectual Property Crime Conference