• Nissan is the official car of the Buraidah Dates Festival

• The Navara pick-up took on the mission of transporting dates across the Qassim Province through the #NissanTifza3lak campaign

Saudi Arabia: September 17, 2017 – Nissan has concluded its participation and sponsorship of the 13th annual Buraidah Dates Festival that was held in the Qassim Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The festival, which is the largest date festival on a global scale under the sponsorship of His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal Bin Mishal, Al Qassim Province’s prince, was held from the 5th of August until the 15th of September. Nissan was the official car brand of the festival, showcasing a variety of its models, especially the Navara pick-up. 

“We at Nissan are very proud to have sponsored a large event such as the Buraidah Dates Festival, an event that reflects one of the most important Saudi traditions,” says Bader Al Houssami, Chief Operating Officer, Nissan KSA, “We emphasize our commitment to supporting local communities across the KSA by sponsoring and supporting lively events such as this, as well as events such as the Hai’l International Rally, Saudi Star Drift Championship, and others.”

Nissan has been present in the Kingdom for decades, through its distinctive models and one of the most prominent Nissan vehicles is the Navara. Now in its third generation, the Navara is more practical than ever. At the festival, Nissan allowed visitors to experience its vehicles firsthand by offering test drives, VIP visitor transportation using the Nissan Patrol, in additional to #Nissan Tifza3lak the date transport service using the Navara pick-up that. This service demonstrated the vehicle’s space, durability and practicality. To show its appreciation to the festival goers, Nissan offered promotions and great discounts on the Navara pick-up for anyone interested in purchasing the vehicle. 

“Nissan tailors its vehicle models to the different, unique terrains of Saudi Arabia”, continues Bader Al Houssami, “throughout the years, Nissan has been able to deeply understand the needs of the Saudi market, making it the brand that is trusted among many. During the Buraidah Dates Festival, the Navara supported many trades by being available to traders and buyers to use as they please.” 

During Nissan’s participation at the festival, 667 test drives of Nissan vehicles, 884 Nissan home deliveries, and 200 Nissan stand visits took place. Apart from the test drives and pick-up/drop-off services offered, Nissan held a community contest for the best traditional cook, and the best traditional hand crafter. These contests highlighted the skills and traditions of the people of this culturally significant region. 

The Buraidah Dates Festival covers an area of 300,000 square meters, more than enough to accommodate the large number of trucks and visitors. During the 45 days, the festival received 45,555 vehicles carrying 22,146 tons of more than 36 types of dates, valued at 2.5 billion Riyals. On a daily basis, more than 1,000 trucks arrive at the festival grounds and transport more than 160 tons of dates for traders and buyers in the Qassim Province.